Dirty Money from Dirty Oil: Confronting Hamilton Police Corruption

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
In March of this year the Hamilton Police Services Board accepted a $34,910 gift from Enbridge Pipelines. This isn’t the first time – nor are they the only Police Department along Line 9 to have accepted such generous “gifts”.

All along the controversial pipeline community police departments have been receiving sums of money from Ken Hall, Enbridge’s rather repetitive greasy-palmed PR Rep.

While all of this is done under the guise of “community safety” what it really means is that our Police Departments – a body that is supposed to remain unbiased – are quietly accepting large sums of money from a private corporation. The same corporation that has a vested interest in keeping those against their reckless reversal plan oppressed.

Join us this Thursday, June 6th, at 11am, for a creative action at the Hamilton Police Central Station to confront police about this issue, and to support the individuals lodging an official complaint under the Police Services Act.

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