Reportback on Dirty Money from Dirty Oil

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

enbridge-hamiltonText borrowed from a participant’s Facebook post:
First we showed up at the Enbridge Police Hamilton Division.

Then the pigs on horses joined us. Poor horses!

The HPS were then presented with a shiny new (to them) tricyle, to better patrol their own hallways for crime (because we all know that’s where the real crimes take place).

Then we all pitched in to fill up some money bags – one for every thousand dirty tar-sands money the HPS has accepted from Enbridge. We ran out of bags. Sadly.

It was an impromptu walk to the courthouse next, collectively taking the streets. À qui la rue ?!

There we spoke of police brutality and corruption in another sense; police inflicted homicides. Today an inquest continues into the police shooting death of Phonesay Chanthachack. The officer – Ryan Tocher – has already been cleared by SIU, of course, despite this being his second shooting death and 3rd SIU investigation.

For those of you who left early…

Two of our rad folks were ticketed for “impeding traffic”. Not only was this clearly a case of political profiling and specific targetting, but also a BS charge meant to try and make the police feel better about their blatant corruption. Probably as a nice ego stroke too. One of these folks was actually handcuffed and taken inside the station to be intimidated while other comrades outside were nearly trampled by the pigs on horses.

moneyEventually we delivered the bags of dirty tarsands money where they belonged: inside the police station. Words may have been exchanged, but at least now everyone knows where the Hamilton Police stand on these issues.

Don’t fool yourselves – it’s not with us.

Mainstream media report:

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